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I need your help to keep the site going. It costs me $25 per month to run this download. In the last 3 months, $22 was generously donated from 8000 visitors. - I can't afford to keep this site going much longer!

NOTE: This is the ONLY version that works properly on the widescreen model.

This will replace TopDog, which is pretty rubbish, with TomTom, which is much better, has more features, is easier to use, and has much better maps.

Key Features

Simple Usage instructions:

  1. On the main menu, click system, then sys info, then usb then tick "mass storage" and press the x in the top right. (skip this step on later models that have a black background on the main manu)
  2. Plug it into a computer and choose the "computer" icon that appears on the gps screen.
  3. On the computer, open up the "Removable disk" drive that just appeared in "my computer"
  4. Select the "Maps" and "MobileNavigator" folders on there and delete them. (note you might want to keep a copy of them up just in case :-)
    IMPORTANT: if these folders don't exist, you've selected the wrong drive in the previous step - have a look again for other drives.
  5. Copy the GB_plus_major_roads_of_WE and MobileNavigator folders you just downloaded to the "Removable Disk" used in the previous step.

Thats it! - unplug the cable and use.

Note: when initially setting it up, you want to choose other NMEA GPS and 4800 speed and COM1 - you will be prompted for all those details. For the later model GPS's with a black background on the main menu you want COM7 instead.

Advanced use instructions:

  1. Copy the folders to the root of a blank sd card and use.

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